Number 13 Class Battleship

Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) decided to build a fleet with 16 battleships after the first world war.  By 1922, due to the Washington Naval Treaty, part of the plan was canceled, include this battleship called “Number 13 class battlecruiser”. This battlecruiser should be the most powerful ship in the whole fleet. According to the original plan, this battleship should have eight 46cm guns in four turrets or twelve 41cm guns in four turrets and weight more than 50,000 tons.

I tried to use the blueprints of “Number 13 class battlecruiser” to recreate this beautiful warship. So the dimensions were identical to the original drawings of the ship. But I added more weapons and equipment to create the “Late WWII version” of it. As you can see, there were a lot of additional AA guns and radar systems. As well as the flight deck located in the middle of the ship. In other word, this was a “what-if” project.


此計畫的艦體基本布局參考至13號戰巡圖紙,長278m等細節也是完全一致的,不過被我改成實戰預想狀態,時間設定在二戰末期的1945年,也就是說….如果此艦建成服役,並存活到大戰後期,那到時候的新式武裝和原本的戰艦結構上會迸出什麼新滋味呢? 主要的改動就是增加大量的防空炮,以及相應的對空射擊裝置,電探等等,同時在艦體中部空間增加水上飛機機庫以及彈射器等裝備,以因應二戰末期的戰場環境。


Due to some technical restrictions, this ship had an alternative plan for twelve 16 in guns



The one with eight 46cm guns

46cm 炮的方案 (原案)


Flight deck




The total number of components in this assembly: 698

此模型中的零組件總數: 698


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